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USSR Navy Kirov Battle Cruiser 1/700

325,00 kr
SKU TR05707

USSR Navy Kirov

Byggesett fra Trumpeter Skala 1:700

Lengde: 35,96 cm
Deler: 252

  In May 1980, the Soviet union "Kirov" class of large nuclear missile cruiser ship - "Kirov" appear in the Baltic sea, it is one of the world's largest tonnage guided missile cruiser, the captain of 248 meters, 28.5 meters wide, about 28000 tons of load displacement, crews to compile a 900. Outside the aircraft carrier, the world's largest surface combatant ships. "Kirov" class hull ship plump, bow flare obviously. Spacious square tail, equipped with flight deck, below is the hangar can accommodate three helicopters. Hull structure for the longitudinal framing, nuclear power plant and nuclear fuel tank parts have armor. Ship to install two pressurized water reactor and two fuel boiler overheating, USES the steam turbine, biaxial output, 2 of 4 propellers, total output 150000 horsepower. "Kirov" class ship's weapon system concentrated the essence of the Soviet navy equipment modernization. With the sea, the air, to dive, comprehensive capabilities across the river. "Kirov" heavy weapons on the first level nuclear-powered cruiser, equipped with the world's most powerful weapon system. Installation sequence is: 12 deep bomb launcher tube RBU - 6000 rocket type 1; SS - N - 1 14 anti-submarine missile launchers; SA - N - 6 12 ship to air missile vertical launching device, spring 96, this is the world's first case of ship to air missile vertical launching device, leading five years than the United States; SS - N - 19 20 anti-ship missile vertical launching device, prepare to play 20; Four 30 mm gun tube; Two double pack SA - N - 4 anti-aircraft missile launcher; Two RBU - 1000 six bomb launcher deep; 4 6 tube 30 mm cannon and two 100 mm single pipe full mle. Central superstructure with electronic equipment installation, assuming the task's fleet of command and control. Auxiliary weapon equipment is located in the middle and tail

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